Fires on the Beach

No matter how interesting the conversation between a group around a fire might be, you can always look around and find someone mesmerized by the flickering light. You and your friends can now enjoy sitting around a fire while listening to the waves brush up against the shore -- talk about a relaxing evening.

Fires were previously banned on the beach in Panama City Beach during the summer for the safety of the sea turtle nesting season (May 1- September 30). The City Council has made a compromise and is now allowing regulated fires on the beach during the summer if beachgoers obtain the required special event permit. Fires will have to be a certain distance from turtle nests.

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Click HERE to see the Fire Ordinance.

Mother's Day at Cuvee 30A

Let's be honest, mom's work hard. They are constantly giving of themselves and serving their families. While quality time with her kiddo's would make her happy, do a little something more and treat mom to a fancy meal this Mother's Day.

"Wow Mom" and make her afternoon with quality time AND an incredible spread. Tim Creehan's Cuvee 30A is the perfect place to enjoy a beautifully crafted lunch paired with an exceptional wine list.

Sunday, May 14th 
Cuvee 30A will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Reservations Recommended | 850.909.0111

Beach Renourishment Project

We love our sandy beaches, and it takes some work to keep them up to our standards. The beach renourishment project has been underway for the past few weeks. You may have seen some large machinery making its way along the beach dredging sand from the greater parts of the gulf and basically putting it on the shore. 

The project that will ultimately extend the sandy area of the beach was delayed again due to weather circumstances. However, the project is now expected to officially be complete on May 14th.

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Bay Dunes Property Re-Purposing

While the Bay Dunes course was a fun one to play, we understand the need to change the properties purpose. We are excited to see the land used for the community in a new way!

Bay Dunes golf course is closed and Bay County Commissioners are repurposing the area for to get more use. In order to get the course back up and running, the project was estimated at $2.25 Million and Bay County Commissioner, Guy Tunnell believed it would take even more than that. Therefore, the Recreational Advisory Board is suggesting the land be used for walking trails, fishing, and special events. There will be public meetings within the next couple of months to allow the community to give feedback on what they think should be done with the property.

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