FLOORS - to be tiled | CABINETS - to be upgraded | WALLS - to be painted |

I see more and more units at Calypso looking quite tired.  There are plenty of condos going up for sale that have not had the carpet replaced since 2006 much less the furniture...or anything else for that matter.

 So I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to the owners that are putting I-1502 up for sale.  

They have had another solid rental season and are going to make massive upgrades to offer more value to a potential buyer, AND they are pricing it right.

By mid-November, they will have tiled the floors, upgraded the cabinets and painted.  Just think about how good that is going to look and how new it is going to feel.

Priced at $375,000, THIS unit is going to be a nice buy for someone looking to get into the Calypso market.