"One Thing"

If you didn't catch our last PCB Gulf Views issue, here's the scoop on our "One Thing." We wanted to take a moment as a team and share with you a few nuggets that might help you on your next real estate transaction.  We’ve closed over 500 deals since 2003 and learn a little more with every closing. Here are a few highlights from these last two weeks:

"I have been helping people buy and sell vacation rental condos and homes since 2003...even bought and sold a few myself. I have been on BOTH sides of pre-construction deals, flips, owner financing, REO's and short sales. There are a few things that buyers and sellers MUST be sure to address in the purchase contract when a property is a vacation rental, check them out HERE

I can't emphasize enough just how important it is to address ALL of these issues AT THE TIME OF CONTRACT SIGNING. Don't sign a deal thinking that you can work on this after agreeing to the basics like price, closing date, deposit, etc.." - Craig

"As a Transaction Coordinator, there's a lot of information I have to gather in order to keep the closing process on the right track. As you can imagine, It can get frustrating when requests for information often go ignored by other real estate agents. 

Recently I was working on a file where the agent would continuously NOT answer each question in my email and sometimes completely ignored the questions altogether. Ugh. 

When agents work together to pass back and forth every little detail in a timely manner, it can help tremendously to avoid any potential issues and ensure a smooth closing. Moral of the story? If you're thinking about buying or selling, make sure you choose an agent who plays nice in the sandbox." - Lauren

"People Do Business With People... This concept could not be more true when it comes to providing excellent customer service. It's funny to see how my perception of customer service has changed over the past few years. One instance last week, in particular, had my blood boiling as I stood in front of a "professional" business owner biting my tongue as she belittled my existence. I realized then and there, even more so, the importance of quality customer service and how it affects a business in an instant.

We market ourselves as a team that excels in our own area of expertise so that when we come together we are able to provide excellent customer service. As the Marketing Director, I work hard to be as transparent and authentic in marketing our team as I am in marketing our properties -- because it's important to me that our customers trust we will walk the walk and not just talk the talk."  - Chrystal

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