Panama City Beach Ranked High For the Second Year In A Row For Best ROI

For over 14 years, I have been working with different types of buyers from all over the world looking to buy a vacation rental. They wonder if they should be in the mountains of the Carolinas, ski resorts outside of Denver or on the beaches of South Florida. 

Well, last year it was a bit of a secret. But for the second year in a row, the answer is clear: has just released its 125 Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental Property in 2017, grading cities just on vacation rental ROI (return on investment).

Look who ranked near the top of the list (again)...Panama City Beach!

This year's report is a little different, organized into two categories: Traditional Vacation Rental Locations, and Airbnb Markets. 

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Tourism in Panama City Beach continues to skyrocket. Take a look at this article projecting that the PCB Tourism Boom will only continue.

"Real Estate in and around the Pier Park corridor has exploded.  The combination of a first class commercial district along with numerous new festivals and events in Panama City Beach has turned this area into a great place to own a vacation rental property." 

- Craig Duran 

You still need to know WHAT to buy and HOW to buy, but at least now you know WHERE to buy!  

Last year, we shared the Short Term Rental Report that showcased Panama City Beach as a top location to invest in a rental property. 


Thinking About Buying in PCB?