1.     When you hire us, you get three hardworking professionals, instead of just one agent trying to do everything. We each specialize in our own area of expertise, allowing us to provide the best service, combined. 

There are so many aspects that go into selling a property. From listing to close, we have numerous tasks and to-do lists to keep us on track. With a team, we each focus on our own area of specialization, allowing us to be more diligent in producing the end goal of excellent service.

Why Hire a Team For All of Your Real Estate Needs?

Selling Real Estate in 2017 Requires a Vast Number of Talents.

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2.     Our cutting edge marketing sets us apart from the rest... and that's exactly what we do when it comes to marketing your property. It's vital that your property stands out. 

From professional photos, 3D walkthroughs, drone photography, multiple social media platforms, and good old-fashioned postcards, we work hard to share your property in its best light.

Need a visual? Take a look at some examples.

We spend more on marketing each month than average real estate agents spend in one year. It's worth it. There's no denying the number of leads  or the multiple offers we receive on our properties. So far in 2017, no one has SOLD more real estate on the beach. 

Our Marketing

We SELL Real Estate. The End.

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 3.     We turn likes into leads, and we utilize all-encompassing marketing strategies to reach TENS of THOUSANDS of people. Are you ready to ❤️ Your Listing?

We want you to Love Your Listing because you are so impressed with our comprehensive marketing. We want you to Love Your Listing because you know our marketing excites buyers. We are passionate about real estate and want to help you get your property SOLD.  To do that, we work hard to ensure people are looking at your property, giving them a chance to Love Your Listing just like you did.

Love Your Listing (Yes, It's Possible!)

Here is a quick look at just part of our approach to selling your property when you choose to hire The Duran Group.

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