Birthday's, in my opinion, are annual holidays that everyone should celebrate and celebrate BIG! My husband, Chase, has a slightly different opinion and would rather no one recognize his birthday as anything other than another day. 

Like many aspects of marriage, we compromised. 

With our best friends, we hoped in the car and drove over to 30A -- it was an absolutely beautiful day and such a treat to spend it with the ones we love. 

Having been out to The Hub only a few times before, we ventured their first for lunch out by the green. The breeze gave just enough coolness to compliment the sunshine and make for an enjoyable meal outside. 

Next stop on our relatively touristy adventure, the infamous Seaside

Although we didn't all get matching Seaside shirts, we did visit the vintage bookstore - Sundog Books. Walking through the aisles of new and worn books, stepping on the creaky wooden floor, looking at old records with the sun streaming through the windows, it felt like a movie scene. The whole Seaside village is picturesque and unreal. We stepped outside the bookstore and sat in the lounge area; taking a few moments just being together, reminiscing on what the past year has brought in our lives, sharing memories in laughter and expressing our hopes for the future.

As the day progressed and the heat began to subside we stopped at the beach. The guys threw the frisbee. The girls stood by chatting and cheering them on. It reminded me that sometimes you just need to get outside and play at the beach.

We, of course, had to run into Bud and Alley's, "South Walton's Oldest and Favorite Gathering Spot." Even just to grab a coke, the atmosphere and the story of Bud and Alley's is one you don't want to skip.

If you didn't go to The Red Bar, then did you even go to out to 30A? The Red Bar is an eclectic little restaurant that made the top ten restaurants in Santa Rosa Beach on TripAdvisor. We each had delicious meals from their refined menu -- you know it has to be good when your server has a chalkboard with only a select few items and the house is packed with locals and visitors. 

After a very filling dinner, we stopped back at Seaside... although we were full, there's always room for dessert, and you can't celebrate a birthday without ice cream! Heavenly's Shortcakes and Ice Cream did not disappoint our sweet craving. 

We walked around Seaside for a bit and heard music in the distance. We began following the soft tune through the courtyard with lights strewn throughout, it was quite beautiful and romantic. We continued walking toward the music and just before our party of six crashed a wedding, we realized it was not a concert in the park... 

The close of our evening on 30A was comprised of more laughter, precious conversation, and live {wedding} music. It was such a special night to share with those we cherish and call family.