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Okay, we don't have ice cream news... BUT we do have news on coffee & donuts!

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PCB Real {estate} Happenings  

How will these NEW projects affect you?

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Self-Managing Vacation Rentals | Do's & Dont's

So you just bought a beautiful gulf front condo or cute little beach cottage and want to handle the rentals yourself?

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A Word From the Wise

Matthew and Jenny Giles own and operate Mango Sunsets at Seychelles, two 1BR/2BA + Bunk side-by-side beachfront condos in Panama City Beach, FL.  

Read HIS tips on how to successfully self-manage vacation rental property.

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Why Hire a Team For Your Real Estate Needs?

Selling Real Estate in 2017 Requires a Vast Number of Talents...

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"One Thing"

As a team, we wanted to take a moment and share a few nuggets that might help you on your next real estate transaction.  We’ve closed over 500 deals since 2003 and learn a little more with every closing. Here are a few highlights from these last two weeks:

"Over and over again, the owners that SELL for the most money are not just selling a property in good condition, they also have a well-established rental BUSINESS that goes along with it. This might include websites, Facebook pages, an extensive database of past customers, maintenance history/contracts, etc.. Self-Managing vacation rental property can be an excellent way to maximize rental income but there are certainly some ABSOLUTE Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind. Check them out HERE." - Craig

"As the Transaction Coordinator for a company with multiple customers, a large part of my role is to be organized in each of their files. Which, I must say, works well with my detail-oriented personality.

Each month we start fresh on our goals board, this tool helps me stay focused not only on our long-term goals for the year but also the short-term, attainable goals for each month. This board is vital in our workplace and is referenced daily. 

One thing that specifically helps me in serving our customers best is that it keeps each transaction at top of mind. It serves as a constant reminder of the order of transactions, as well as what needs to be accomplished within the month. Our goal board is a simple organizational tool, but it truly helps each of us stay on track and serve our customers well." - Lauren

"In response to my 'People Do Business With People' customer service rant in our last issue of PCB Gulf View's, I am delighted to share a little more on customer service and how we are working to provide the best.

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been on the brink of being able to fully implement a new program that will only better our ability to serve our customers.  As I learn more about this platform, I am excited to see how we will improve. Not only is it a simple program to navigate, but it just makes sense -- we use the products and services that allow us to do our jobs better and help others more efficiently." - Chrystal



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