After the "worst ever" spring break in 2015, the PCB City Council decided to take charge. With the new ordinance banning alcohol on the beach for the month of March, it's honestly no shock that the spring breakers are much more hesitant to visit the world's most beautiful beaches. 

Interestingly enough, Panama City Beach is not the only spring break destination to go to such lengths in order to reclaim the reputation of their city. With local and tourist safety in mind, each of these five spring break destinations chose to ban alcohol on the beach making march seem a little less like the party month for college students. Read the full article here.

In March 2016, the alcohol ban proved to create a more tame spring break season, however, the tame season also brought about a less profitable season. 

#RIPPCB. In the eyes of the students, the party in Panama City Beach is over, we have killed the beach. Once the news hit the media, students from all over that have planned to spend their seemingly carefree week at the beach are now looking for a new place to party. Read what the students have to say about the alcohol ban in PCB here.

This year, at the start of March, locals are on edge wondering what the "Spring Break Season" will bring. Off to a slow start, as expected, reservations for the month of march are continuing to be slow. Read the full article here.

With all of the changes, the numbers are only expected to go down. From a real estate perspective, we are wondering what the selling activity will be throughout the month of march. Curious to know if the new rules and regulations are keeping everyone away or just partygoers. 

While there are both positive and negative effects of the new ordinance, we are seeing more long-term benefits for the city of Panama City Beach. As we rebrand our name, we are excited to turn our reputation away from obscene partying to a family friendly vacation destination. We believe this change, like any other, will take some time to adjust to, but will ultimately have a positive and lasting effect on our city. With the lack of drunkenness, partying, and crime, we foresee Panama City Beach returning to a family friendly beach. Yes, there may be a bit of a void during the month of March as we transition, but overall, we see the deficit being regained throughout the year. 

In other news... We are excited to be welcoming Uber back to Bay county with hopes of providing safe transportation, especially during Spring Break.

Welcome Back, Uber!

Drive with Uber. Ride with Uber.

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